Paying tribute: 5 ways to memorialise your loved ones

You may remember the recent story about the AI gadget that lets you ‘talk’ to loved ones beyond the grave to help friends and family cope with grief. The technology, called re;memory, uses machine learning to process images, audio recordings and video footage to create a virtual version that can interact with living family.

This may seem like something out of a dystopian sci-fi movie, but honouring your loved ones is one of the main reasons that people utilise our service.

In this light, we have also compiled some sentimental ways to honour your loved ones.

Help them document their life story

Creating a biography for your loved one is a great way to capture their life and remember them in their own words – rather than an AI-generated version.

At My Story Told, our aim is to provide a lasting document that can serve as a token of your or your family member’s legacy for generations to come. It is a way to tell life stories in the form of the written word, backed up by meaningful images and documents helping paint the picture of each chapter.

Frame something they’ve written, like a poem or a recipe

There is nothing quite like seeing something written by a loved one. The personal nature of a handwritten note, card or letter is something to cherish.

Consider framing a letter or other handwritten item to remember a special someone.

Support a cause close to their heart, and yours

Living the values that were important to a family member is another way to keep their legacy alive, whether this is a donation, volunteering or simply helping raise awareness of the cause.

In memory of a loved one, plant a tree

Planting a tree in memory of someone is becoming an increasingly popular way to remember the loved ones we’ve lost. Not only will the new plant help to conserve energy and protect the environment, but planting new life has shown to have fantastic mental health benefits as well.

Trees are a beautiful, long-lasting representation of a life once lived and can be planted in a place close to home or somewhere more sentimental, where it can be visited by friends and family, and serve as a reminder of growth and a celebration of a cherished life for years to come.

Participate in a memory walk with a cause

Consider participating in an annual walk in memory of a loved one, visiting their favourite places or perhaps ending the walk in a place they were fond of. A memorial walk will also provide great health benefits and a chance to get other family members involved too.

We hope these ideas offer some inspiration on how to honour a loved one’s memory. If you have any questions about our process or what writing your personal biography might involve, please get in touch.