Unsung Heroes: Ordinary People’s Extraordinary Charity Contributions 

At My Story Told, our passion lies within telling the stories of people who inspire us. Some of our favourite stories are those of remarkable individuals who are true everyday heroes, performing extraordinary deeds. Here are 5 individuals who have done remarkable things for charity and to raise awareness, we would love to tell their stories:  

Rocky Taylor  

In 2011, Stuntman Rocky Taylor went above and beyond for ‘Remember a Charity’ – a charity consortium which people can pledge a small percentage of their will to – reenacting his extensive stunt showreel to raise money. After a series of daring stunts streamed on Facebook, Rocky concluded his fundraising efforts with his most thrilling and perilous stunt yet, one that nearly cost him his life. Rocky narrowly survived a 40-foot jump while filming Death Wish 3, enduring multiple fractures, spinal breaks, and severe burns. Despite his injuries, 25 years later, he bravely recreated the 40-foot leap from a burning building at Battersea Power Station, conquering his fears! 

Ross Edgley 

British athlete Ross Edgley showed extreme strength and endurance when he completed ‘The Strongest Man Marathon’ in 2016. On home soil, Ross completed the marathon at the iconic Silverstone Circuit whilst pulling a 1,400kg MINI Countryman behind him. After training for up to 16 hours a day for eight months, Ross completed the marathon in 19 hours, 36 minutes and 43 seconds – raising over £2,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust, SportsAid, United Through Sport and Children With Cancer. Edgley later went on to become the first person in history to swim around Great Britain, completing the 1,780-mile swim in 157 days! He has since broken various records for his challenges, which he often dedicates to charity.  

Russell Cook  

Russell Cook, an English endurance athlete from Worthing, made history by becoming the first person to run the entire length of Africa from its southernmost to northernmost point as part of ‘Project Africa’. Overcoming personal struggles with mental health, gambling, and drinking, Cook embarked on this monumental journey to “make a difference”. Documenting his trek on YouTube with the support of his team, Cook captured global attention. Enduring gruelling terrain and the vast Sahara Desert, Cook faced challenges every step of the way. From visa complications and fatigue to hospitalisation and an armed robbery in Angola on June 24, 2024, where cameras, phones, cash, passports, and visas were stolen from him and his team. Despite the hardships, Cook completed his final run in Tunisia, raising over £700,000 for charity, earning him the well-deserved nickname ‘the Hardest Geezer’. 

Anna McNuff 

In January 2015, British adventurer Anna McNuff left Bluff on the South Island of New Zealand to run the entire length of the country! On her own, without the support of a team, and with a bag weighing a quarter of her bodyweight on her back – Anna navigated some of New Zealand’s most challenging and unforgiving backcountry – sleeping wild, crossing swollen rivers and scaling mountain passes on the Te Araroa trail. Whilst running 32 miles a day for sixth months, Anna visited schools, sharing her story and the importance of the great outdoors! By the time she had completed her 1,911-mile run, Anna raised £5,000 The Outward Bound Trust.  

 Mathew Loddy  

Ex-Scaffolding boss, Mathew Loddy from the UK, achieved an incredible feat by running 100 marathons in 100 days, all to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust. His motivation stemmed from a promise made to a terminally ill friend to support cancer charities. Beginning in the Algarve, Portugal in January 2012, Mr. Loddy eventually finished in front of a home crowd, concluding his amazing challenge at the London Marathon.  Despite car troubles, gruelling roots and being hospitalised multiple times, Mathew Loddy raised a staggering £45,000 for the teenage cancer trust from his 2620-mile journey! 

You don’t have to run a marathon or swim the English Channel to tell your story. At My Story Told, we believe that every person’s story – made up of unique experiences and perspectives – deserves to be heard.