May Memoirs: Celebrating stories of resilience, Hollywood icons, and personal journeys

As we step into May, My Story Told continues to celebrate the art of preserving memories and transforming them into compelling narratives. Our team of writers shares a deep love for storytelling, whether it’s through factual biographies or imaginative fiction. We’re dedicated to keeping you in the loop about the latest releases in the world of biographical literature, offering recommendations from avid readers to fellow book enthusiasts.

This month, we’re excited to share a curated selection of autobiographies, memoirs, and biographies that have recently hit bookshelves or are eagerly anticipated to debut by the end of May. Here are our top 5 picks for captivating reads to dive into this month:

Rebel Rising – Rebel Wilson

In her candid and uproarious memoir, Rebel Wilson shares her unconventional journey to Hollywood fame and self-acceptance. For years, Rebel dedicated herself to her career, bypassing relationships to forge her path. From an Aussie upbringing at dog shows to becoming LA’s beloved comedic star, Rebel recounts her most embarrassing and surreal moments, including a malaria-induced Oscars hallucination and martial-arts fighting tournaments. Amid her rise to fame, Rebel grapples with insecurities about her worth, love life, and health, delving into personal struggles like fertility issues, weight fluctuations, and overcoming shyness. With bravery and humor, Rebel’s story celebrates self-love and the power of laughter amidst life’s challenges.

Lucky: Learning to live again – Louise Thompson

Louise’s memoir chronicles a harrowing journey of resilience and transformation. After enduring a heartbreaking miscarriage and surviving a traumatic house fire during her pregnancies, Louise faced life-threatening complications during an emergency c-section, while her son was rushed to the NICU. This terrifying experience profoundly impacted her mental health, leading to a journey of self-discovery and healing. Louise reflects on her tumultuous past, including struggles with alcohol, toxic relationships, and her time on reality TV – the hit show, Made in Chelsea. Through it all, she reevaluates her priorities and finds inner strength to embrace life with renewed vigor. Hitting the shelves on May 23, Louise’s inspiring story is a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to overcome adversity and emerge stronger than ever.

Sociopath – Patric Gagne

Patric Gagne’s memoir delves into her lifelong awareness of being different, characterised by intense love for her family and best friend but marked by deceit, manipulation, and escalating antisocial behavior. Realising she was a sociopath as an adult, Patric grapples with the official descriptions of sociopathy while striving to maintain close relationships and avoid causing harm. She questions whether sociopaths can coexist harmoniously within society, especially as her darker impulses challenge her efforts to lead a settled, loving life with her partner. This introspective memoir explores Patric’s quest for integration and self-understanding before her behavior risks irreversible consequences.

The Diaries of Mr Lucas: Notes from a Lost Gay Life – Hugo Greenhalgh

For nearly 60 years, Mr. George Lucas led a double life: a mild-mannered civil servant by day, and by night, a participant in London’s vibrant underground gay scene—a world of petty crime, seedy pubs, and clandestine encounters in public toilets—all chronicled in his obsessive diaries. Starting in the early 1960s, Lucas embarked on a passionate and tumultuous affair with Irish Peter, a rent boy associated with the notorious Kray twins, amidst a series of paid intimate encounters. Together, their experiences encapsulate the spectrum of gay criminality before the partial decriminalisation of gay intimacy in 1967. Following Lucas’s death in 2014, journalist Hugo Greenhalgh inherited his diaries, culminating in ‘The Diaries of Mr. Lucas,’ a revealing portrayal of gay London’s shadowy corners. This intriguing autobiography is a blend of Lucas’s candid reminiscences with Greenhalgh’s insightful commentary.

You Never Know: Musings of a Journeyed Star – Tom Selleck

“You Never Know” is a candid and heartfelt memoir by beloved actor Tom Selleck, chronicling his extraordinary journey from a business school student and basketball player at the University of Southern California to becoming a household name with the iconic TV show Magnum P.I., watched by over 50 million viewers for its final episode. Selleck shares the ups and downs of his accidental Hollywood career, from his early days as a college jock navigating Hollywood’s dating scene to his rise to mega-stardom in his thirties. He dispels misconceptions, recounts personal friendships with A-listers like Frank Sinatra and Carol Burnett, and pays tribute to his mentor James Garner. Selleck also reveals the challenges of balancing fame with family life, his deep connection to the American western genre, and the pivotal decisions he made to shape his career, including walking away from Magnum P.I. Fans will gain insight into Selleck’s authenticity and resilience in navigating a changing industry and world, making this memoir a captivating glimpse into the life of an American icon.

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