LIMITED TIME OFFER: 25% discount for Armed Forces Day

Did your grandparents serve in the war? Why not give them a gift that will last a lifetime – a chance to document their life for future generations?  

As part of the Armed Forces Day celebrations this year, we are offering 25% off for those who have served in the Armed Forces who choose us to share their story and applies to every package in our range, so take advantage of this offer while you can (*T&Cs apply).

Armed Forces Day is celebrated annually and is a chance to show support for the men and women who are a part of the Armed Forces community. Events like this are a great way to provide a much-valued morale boost for the troops and their families. There are both physical and virtual events being held across the country to mark this year’s celebration. You can find your local event here.  

Share your story  

People choose to share their personal stories for a variety of reasons including preserving their legacy or sharing expertise. Whatever your reasoning, we will help you tell your story, your way, and we’re there at every step of your storytelling journey.  

The book also includes images to accompany your story. Choose from personal documents such as:  

  • Photographs 
  • Letters, postcards, invitations  
  • Travel tickets, documents or passports   
  • Ration cards, green stamps  
  • Newspaper clippings  
  • Certificates  
  • Diary entries or other handwriting samples 

The use of imagery in your autobiography is to help paint the picture of a particular period of your life as well as aid with preparation and memory recall. Read our advice on why images are important in your autobiography here.  

At My Story Told, we care about sharing your memories and ensuring that future generations, family members and friends can remember your life how you saw it. The struggles, the achievements, the journey.  

We hope you choose us as your storytelling companion. Contact us to start your storytelling journey today. 


  • The offer is valid until Armed Forces Day (25th June). Orders confirmed after this date will not be included in the discount.  
  • The discount can only be applied ONCE.  
  • The discount applies to every package, but does not apply if packages are upgraded.