How it Works

We plan and organise the whole process for you

My Story Told aims to help people document their lives as easily and cost effectively as possible while offering support, compassion and professionalism at all times.

Note: the below process is a typical timeline; some customers require more visits, others less. Our pricing reflects each individual’s unique needs.

Stage 1 - Call Us

Call us. We will talk you through the process and the pricing options in person.

Stage 2 - Some Welcome Homework

You will receive a welcome pack from us, explaining the process, welcoming you on board and a booklet designed to start prompting your memories and helping you start to organise these into a form we can work with. You don’t have to do too much but we want you to star considering the key things you want your book to cover.

Stage 3 - Put the kettle on; get the tissues ready.

We come and see you. One of our team of researchers will come and sit with you and listen. We will ask you in advance to dig out objects such as photo albums that will help you recall events, memories, emotions. With gentle prompting, we will walk you through the chronology of your life and your important life events, recording it both for the audio element of our offering and so our editors can start to create a transcript for your life story book. We will try to dig out the ‘colour’ of your life: not just what you did and when you did it but also why you did certain things and how you felt at the time.

Stage 4 - Sit back and read or listen

Our team of writers and editors will work with your words to create an initial draft and structure of your book. It won’t all be perfect at this stage. We ask you to read our work and make a list of any corrections, additions and new memories it may have prompted. We often find that a lot more material starts to emerge at this stage as old memories and emotions are rekindled; that’s fine. The more you give us, the better the final product will be. This is also a good opportunity to start considering which images might complement the memories and events in your book.

Stage 5 - Put the kettle on - again

Our researcher comes and sits with you again. They take note of any corrections and run through new memories and events, starting to fill in any gaps in your life story. They also come armed with a scanner to allow us to capture any images you wish to use in the book without having to ask you to part with what are probably important family treasures.

Stage 6 - Almost there now…

Some customers need more personal visits – and that is fine. We will return as often as you require, but most books are close to being finished by this stage. You will receive a new proof of your life story complete with images now included in the text. Enjoy the read. We will then call you and walk through any further changes meticulously over the phone. We then repeat this process until you are 100% happy with the final product.

Stage 7 - Plan the unveiling…

Our printers will have been working hard to get your book ready; we will deliver copies to your home by special delivery. This is a truly exciting day. You can then unveil the work to friends and family or give your story out as a gift. Many customers even organise a little party to celebrate the great unveiling. Congratulations; your memories, your legacy has been recorded; future generations will now be able to understand your life, your times, the essence of you.

To discover how easily you can tell your story, call us today on: 02033 283357

We find there are many reasons our customers contact us; just as each person’s life is unique, so are their motives for wanting to document and record it.

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What's Included

Our pricing is designed to be straightforward and priced at a level that will deliver a quality product you can be proud of. Therefore, we work from one simple package designed to tell and deliver your life story in the printed form. The only decisions you need to make will be on the size of the book and how many copies you want printed.

 Two face to face interviews up to 12 hours in total

 All writing, editing, proofing, image processing

 Optional Audio/Visual Extras

All amends, edits, changes, additions to the text

Audio files of all interviews for your personal use

Priceless family treasure for generations

32 Pages

  • 1x Copy of your book
one-off *

48 Pages

  • 10x Copies of your book
one-off *

60 Pages

  • 20x Copies of your book
one-off *
* Where the process requires more face-to-face time than allocated, there is an additional charge of £30 an hour.