Tell your story with your own personal biography

Documenting an entire life is a big responsibility – but you are in safe hands. Our stress-free process allows you to easily tell your story. These are the basic steps we will guide you through to make the journey as enjoyable and rewarding as we can.

1. Welcome pack arrives – with a little surprise…

The first stage of your journey starts with a gift…we will send you a welcome pack, jam-packed with tips and tricks and thought-provoking exercises designed to help you start the process of recalling the key moments and events from your life.

We want you to start to spend some time thinking about your life and what you want from your book. We will provide you with prompts to help you start remembering key events and people as well as cherished memories. We will be encouraging you to:

  • Dig out the old photo albums & take a trip down memory lane.
  • Speak to relatives or old friends and get reminiscing.
  • Look for old correspondence… you’ll be surprised what you find.
  • Keep a notepad next to your bed. Jot down your thoughts – even if they come at 3am!

2. Put the kettle on - get the tissues ready

Your dedicated storyteller, carefully selected to match your needs, will be in touch and will be ready to listen. This can be in person (when allowed under government guidelines) or via a video link such as Zoom and we will work to a schedule that works for you.

As per our welcome pack, we will have ask you in advance to dig out objects such as photo albums that will help you recall events and memories. We will walk you through the chronology of your life and your important life events, while recording it so our editors can start to create a transcript for your personal story.

This intimate process will run across multiple sessions and calls depending on the package you are bought. For our most in-depth packages, you could be spending more than 12 hours together across multiple sittings. Everyone is different but during these sessions we will encourage you to:

  • Try to recall how you felt at particular times in your life.
  • Try and recall smells, colours, sounds, textures & tastes.
  • Do visual walk-throughs in your head.
  • Don’t judge what will be interesting to future generations.

3. Sit back and read or listen

Once the interviews are complete, our team of writers and editors will work with your words to create an initial draft and structure of your book. We give you the opportunity at this stage to read our work and make a list of any corrections, additions and new memories it may have prompted. This is a great time to start considering which images and documents might complement the memories and events in your book. We will encourage you to:

  • Find all the photographs you can and consider the captions.
  • Consider what other items, documents or memorabilia will appear in the book.
  • Start to think about your cover image.
  • Detail your family tree to not miss anything out.
  • You may wish to also record yourself reading the book.

4. Put the kettle on... again

Our storyteller will catch up with you again and run through new memories and events, starting to fill in any last gaps in your life story. Your book is close to being finished by this stage.

You will receive a final proof of your life story complete. Enjoy the read.

We will then call you and meticulously walk through any final changes. We’ll then repeat this process until you are 100% happy with the final product.

5. Plan the unveiling…

The exciting bit!
Our printers will have been working hard to get your book ready; we’ll deliver copies to your home by special delivery. This is a truly exciting day. You can then unveil the work to friends and family or give your story out as a gift. Many customers even organise a little party to celebrate the great unveiling.
Congratulations; your memories, your legacy has been recorded; future generations will now be able to understand your life, your times, the essence of you.

To discover how easily you can tell your story, call us today on: 02033 283357

We find there are many reasons our customers contact us; just as each person’s life is unique, so are their motives for wanting to document and record it.

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