About My Story Told

Where did it all begin?

My Story Told was founded by former journalist and editor Wyn Jenkins with the purpose of helping people tell their life stories and preserve their memories and legacy for future generations to enjoy and understand. After more than 20 years working as a journalist, Wyn had listened to and told the stories of countless individuals, a process he found fulfilling and fascinating. He increasingly realised, however, that the details and stories of most people are lost to the world forever when they pass away. His mission is to rectify this.
“I have yet to meet an individual who does not have a fascinating story to tell, which almost always involves passion, emotion, colour, conflict, tough decisions and lessons which others and future generations would benefit from reading about or listening to. None of us have to look very far to realise that we actually know a fraction of what we would like even about our closest family members – and who wouldn’t want to know more? On top of that, I realised how working through the process of documenting a life story can benefit individuals who in the latter stages of their lives can often find a new purpose and energy through this. My Story Told was born and with every new story we tell I am proud to have formed a company that makes such a difference to so many people.”

Wyn Jenkins – Founder

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We find there are many reasons our customers contact us; just as each person’s life is unique, so are their motives for wanting to document and record it.

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