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Spice girls to self-help to nuns: our top 5 biographies released in March

Spice girls to self-help to nuns: our top 5 biographies released in March

Date: 21st March 2024

At My Story Told, conveying people’s intricate memories through words and transferring stories onto paper, is our passion. Equally, our team of writers love to read stories, fact or fiction – but particularly narratives that capture the lives of real-life individuals. It's our goal to keep you informed on the greatest and latest releases within the biographical literature landscape – recommendations from avid readers to avid readers. 

In March, bookshelves have been graced with an abundance of fantastic releases, and other highly anticipated titles are set to hit retailers by the end of the month. Here are our top 5 autobiographies, memoirs or biographies, we think you should read or look out for, this March:  

Brutally Honest – Melanie Brown (with Louise Gannon) 

Known as Scary Spice from the legendary Spice Girls, a savvy judge on TV talent shows, and a Broadway sensation, Mel B has been a global sensation since her youth. But beyond the glitz and glam of fame, her memoir, Brutally Honest, strips away the façade to reveal the gritty reality of her life. 

With refreshing honesty, humor, and her trademark Yorkshire charm, Mel shares her journey from Girl Power to feeling powerless in a tumultuous ten-year marriage. Co-written with Louise Gannon, Mel brings her story up to date. With her characteristic candidness, she shares her ongoing struggles, triumphs, and her mission to support abuse survivors. From reuniting with the Spice Girls to receiving an MBE from Prince William, Mel's story is one of resilience, healing, and finding her voice. 

A Very Private School – Charles Spencer  

In the new release A Very Private School, Charles Spencer, the 9th Earl of Spencer and younger brother of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, offers a raw and authentic portrayal of the toxic environment prevalent in the boarding school he attended as a child. Through firsthand anecdotes and the recollections of his peers, along with personal letters and diaries, Spencer unveils the harsh realities of the outdated boarding system.  

He vividly recounts the despair and isolation he endured at the tender age of eight, painting a poignant picture of the overwhelming homesickness and the sense of entrapment it brought. Delving into the enduring effects of his upbringing, the Earl Spencer courageously confronts his past, reclaiming ownership of his childhood in the process. 

Cloistered: My Years as a Nun – Catherine Coldstream 

In this deeply moving memoir, ex-nun, Catherine Coldstream recounts her life as a nun in the 1990s, and the dramatic events which led to her flight from the monastery. Following the sudden loss of her father, twenty-four-year-old Catherine grappled with profound grief and solitude. Seeking solace and purpose, she found herself drawn to Roman Catholicism and the tranquil haven of Akenside Priory.  

There, she found a sisterhood of devoted women who embraced her. However, as she prepared to take her final vows, unsettling truths emerged, internal power struggles erupted, threatening the harmony of the community and impacting its members deeply. In a narrative confronting moral quandary, Coldstream explores the grappling choice between preserving the sanctuary she cherished or raising her voice against injustice. 

Hildasay to Home: How I Found a Family by Walking the UK's Coastline – Christian Lewis 

In the sequel to his bestselling Finding Hildasay, Christian Lewis embarks on a new journey along the British coastline and through life's twists and turns. Chris's adventures took an unexpected turn when he crossed paths with fellow explorer Kate in November 2020. Their chance encounter blossomed into a shared expedition, as Kate joined Chris on an unforgettable coastal trek from Scotland. Along the way, their bond deepened, and the pair soon welcomed their first child, Magnus.  

Despite joyous moments, Chris grappled with resurfacing mental health challenges, feeling far removed from the solace of Hildasay. Yet, amidst setbacks, the resilient family persevered. From the east coast of Scotland to the rugged landscapes of Yorkshire and East Anglia, they pressed on, eventually finding renewed strength as they reached the Jurassic Coast. In "Hildasay to Home," Chris concludes his remarkable journey back in Swansea, having raised significant funds for charity. Reflecting on the lessons learned and the bonds forged along the way, he celebrates the newfound family that emerged from their shared odyssey. 

This is Not a Self-Help Book – Mark Mehigan  

Much of Mark Mehigan's twenties resembled a guidebook on masking alcoholism while maintaining outward success. But despite appearances, Mehigan battled grave inner turmoil, spiraling towards a colossal nervous breakdown and funding a cocaine habit with payday loans. Desperate, he surrendered control and sought help, discovering a life beyond his imagination. Embracing a new way of living meant letting go and practicing rigorous honesty, breaking destructive patterns, and embracing connection. Mark's journey reflects the societal pressures that breed isolation and offers a roadmap to personal recovery and sobriety. 

This is not a self-help book serves as a beacon of hope, reminding readers of their potential for transformation and how to navigate life's pitfalls. It's not a self-help book, but rather a testament to resilience and the possibility of redemption.


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