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What are the motivations behind biographies? Find out the results of our recent survey

What are the motivations behind biographies? Find out the results of our recent survey

Date: 22nd September 2023

My Story Told has helped many individuals capture their life stories, preserving their legacy for future generations to enjoy. As part of our recent survey, we asked our customers a number of questions, seeking to understand more about what drives people to use our services – and why more and more people are showing an interest in ancestry, their heritage and family legacy. Here are some of the insights we found:  

The purpose behind writing a biography 

66% of respondents identified the primary purpose of their biography to be sharing a life story for future generations. There are many reasons that people choose to share their life story. Whether you are writing an autobiography or memoir, perhaps you’ve lived the kind of life that’s inspired people, or maybe you’d love for your family and future generations to be able to read about your life in your own words. 

39% of respondents chose their purpose to be the creation of an historical document. Ancestry is also a huge part of what we do, as learning about your lineage and family history goes hand in hand with writing your personal story.  


Sharing your biography 

In terms of who our respondents would share their biography with, the most popular answer was family members (88%), followed by friends and colleagues, both at 64%. Though many opt to share their story with family, some opt to document their expertise which can then be shared with colleagues.  

Within our bestselling package: Extended Insights, you receive 25 hard-back copies of your book, enabling you to share it with people from any area of your life. 


Barriers to writing a biography 

The most common barrier to publishing a biography according to our respondents was cost at 92%, followed by time and expertise at 42%. We realise that our packages are a significant investment, which is why we have several offers and discounts throughout the year. To ensure that you never miss a discount opportunity, sign up to our mailing list here 

When it comes to time and expertise, the benefit of using a ghostwriting service like ours is once your interviews are completed and your story has been outlined, you can leave it to our storytelling team to bring it to life. A ghostwriter takes care of pretty much everything from writing, editing, and the structuring needed to tell your story.  

Our storytelling team are also professional writers with vast experience in the field, who work closely with the subject to help pinpoint the voice and unify this throughout your book. A ghostwriter can also help with the layout of your book, including what typeset is used, photographs and images to include, as well as overall design of each page, and cover.  

Biography focus 

When asked what the focus of their biography would be, respondents answered:  

  • Family and Love were the most prominent themes, each selected by 78% of respondents. 
  • Pets and Career/Work shared the second position, with 55% of respondents choosing each. 
  • Childhood was mentioned by 43% of the respondents as a key focus.  

Life is not always plain sailing, and along the way, we have all faced adversity and failure. These memories, and the life lessons that emerge from them, are significant in helping you understand what was involved in getting you where you are today, and that information can be helpful to others.   

Certain approaches and life lessons will emerge from falling at those hurdles, and these lessons could serve as vital information for future generations, or those in your field. Documenting your business journey is another way to create a truly unique biography that many can enjoy and learn from, as people often ask business experts to outline what lessons they wish they knew when they started.   


Document your life story with us 

At My Story Told, our aim is to tell your story, your way. Contact us today to start your storytelling journey, or for more on how our process works, click here.