5 family tradition ideas to celebrate St David’s Day

Here in Wales, March 1 is a wonderous occasion, often celebrated with bright yellow daffodils, green leeks and vibrant traditional dress.  

St David is the patron saint of Wales; each year St David’s Day is celebrated on March 1 to mark the day St David died in 589 AD.  

Who was St David?  

Legend has it he was born on a Pembrokeshire clifftop in a ferocious storm in the year 500. A nearby holy well is thought to have healing powers and the spot itself is marked by the ruins of Non’s Chapel.  

St David is the only native-born patron saint of Britain and Ireland; he founded numerous religious communities.  

How do you and your family celebrate St David’s day? 

From Parades, to wearing traditional Welsh attire, to growing Daffodils, to the great Welsh bake off with Welsh Cakes, Bara Brith, Cawl and Glamorgan sausages, March 1 is a day to celebrate and create memories in true Welsh style. 

But don’t worry if this is your first year celebrating, we have compiled our top five suggestions that could kick start your own family traditions for years to come:  

Do the little things – Random Acts of Welshness 


St David’s last words to his followers are thought to have been ‘Be joyful, keep the faith, and do the little things that you have heard and seen me do.’ So why not follow his advice and do the little things with an outpouring of kindness, share and do Random Acts of Welshness. 

Have a Welsh bake off 


With so many wonderful Welsh recipes to choose from, a baking competition with the family could be just the ticket. You could set a challenge to see who can use leeks in the most creative and delicious way or compete for champion of the Welsh cakes. Here’s some recipes to get you started.   

Visit a Castle 

Snowdonia National Park

Did you know? Wales has more castles per square mile than any other country in Europe. Why not take this opportunity to visit a historic site near you.  

The defences are a remarkable part of Welsh history, with many dating back to the reign of King Edward I. Since then, some have continuously been lived in, whilst others have become captivating historic ruins. 

Tales of Wales 

Welsh legends

Why not explore Welsh myths and legends, from one of the greatest bards, Taliesin, to Gelert the faithful dog, learn about the legendary names in Welsh folklore and history, there really is something for everyone.  

Discover your Welsh roots 

Welsh flag

Do you have Welsh relatives? What are their St David’s Day traditions? Why not take this opportunity to learn about your family traditions and find out what St David’s Day was like through the years for the older members of your family. 

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