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New autobiographical releases to look out for

New autobiographical releases to look out for

Date: 6th December 2022

The autobiographical genre has always involved stories from people with a variety of backgrounds, including political figures, historical figures, entertainment stars and sportspeople. Whether you are reading about a success story within business, or the life story of your favourite athlete, autobiographies allow the reader to share the experiences with the writer and hear it from their own personal perspective.

In this blog, we take a look at some upcoming and new autobiographical releases for readers of a variety of interests to enjoy.

Spare by Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex

A long-awaited account of the life of Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, is set to be released in January 2023 and is now available to pre-order. With its raw, unflinching honesty, Spare is a landmark publication full of insight, revelation, self-examination, and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love over grief.

As the inner workings of the Royal Family are not usually known to the public, this book gives readers the chance to understand how The Duke of Sussex has had to navigate life’s ups and downs, whilst being a serving monarch to the United Kingdom.

Never Finished: Unshackle Your Mind and Win the War Within by David Goggins

Described by Goggins as “not a self-help book, it’s a wakeup call”, “Never Finished: Unshackle Your Mind and Win the War Within” is Goggins’ second release following “Can’t Hurt Me” - published in 2018.

Goggins rose to fame after telling his story of unrivalled dedication in becoming a US Navy Seal, shedding 50kg in three months in order to be accepted into the program. His second release focuses more on anecdotes and life lessons in this raw, revealing, unflinching memoir. It offers the reader a blueprint they can use to climb from the bottom into a whole new stratosphere that once seemed unattainable.

Finding Hildasay: How one man walked the UK's coastline and found hope and happiness by Christian Lewis

Christian Lewis made an impulsive decision to set himself a challenge – walk the entire coastline of the UK. He then left with just £10 in his pocket and two days’ worth of food. Little did he know just how long it would take, and the encounters that lay ahead that would turn his life around.

While undertaking the challenge, he navigated the West Coast, Northern Ireland, the hard-rock cliffs of Scotland and the perimeters of the Scottish Islands – where he spent three months on an uninhabited island called Hildasay. Finding Hildasay is a brutal and beautiful true story of depression, survival and the meaning of home.

Fat Dogs and Welsh Estates by Beth Haslam

Beth Haslam was brought up on a country estate in Wales. Deep in the countryside, her childhood was spent either on horseback, helping the gamekeepers raise pheasants, or out sailing.

A raw take on growing up on a farm estate, Fat Dogs and Welsh Estates gives readers insight into life in North Wales. Petulant ponies, neurotic sheepdogs and rabbits with razor-sharp teeth, this account also tells of sailing the treacherous Menai Strait Swellies, and the ghost-filled castle she called home.

Share Your Story

There are many reasons that people choose to share their life story. Whether you are writing an autobiography or memoir, perhaps you’ve lived the kind of life that’s inspired people, or maybe you’d love for your family and future generations to be able to read about your life in your own words.

If reading any of these brilliant autobiographies gets you thinking about writing your own life story, get in touch and we can help you tell your story, your way.