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How a ghostwriting service can help you tell your life story

How a ghostwriting service can help you tell your life story

Date: 25th October 2022

There are many reasons that people choose to share their life story. Whether you are writing an autobiography or memoir, perhaps you’ve lived the kind of life that’s inspired people, or maybe you’d love for your family and future generations to be able to read about your life in your own words. Our ghostwriting service helps put your truth, your experiences, and your reflections onto paper.

What is a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriting is the process of writing a piece of copy under someone else's name, whether that is another person, group, company, or institution without receiving a byline or public credit. It is often seen in non-fiction literature, where the subject may not have the same writing experience a ghostwriter would have.

It is also important to note that there is a difference between an autobiography and a memoir. In short, a memoir tends to focus on a particular time or aspect of the subject’s life, and an autobiography covers their entire life. A full breakdown on autobiographies and memoirs can be found here.

Whatever your motivation for sharing your story, hiring a ghostwriter can help you tell your story, your way. Here are some of the benefits of using a ghostwriting service:

Time saver

The first benefit of hiring a ghostwriter is the time saving aspect. Once your interviews are completed and your story has been outlined, leave it to our storytelling team to bring it to life. A ghostwriter takes care of pretty much everything from writing, editing, and the structuring needed to tell your story. We also work with you in your reflecting process, suggesting practical ways to move your story forward and identify key aspects of your story that need highlighting through our interview stage.

Professional writing

Our storytelling team are also professional writers with vast experience in the field, who work closely with the subject to help pinpoint the voice and unify this throughout your book. A ghostwriting service is especially useful is if you’re the kind of person who tells great stories and entertaining anecdotes, but you struggle to make the stories work when you write them down. A ghostwriter uses their skills and expertise to take your spoken reminiscences and make them come alive on the page.


A ghostwriter can also help with the layout of your book, including what typeset is used, photographs and images to include, as well as overall design of each page, cover, and dustjacket (if required).

Documenting an entire life is a big responsibility – but you are in safe hands. Our stress-free process allows you to easily tell your story and we will guide you through to make the journey as enjoyable and rewarding as we can.

For a full breakdown of our ghostwriting service, please click here.