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Why documenting your memories is beneficial

Why documenting your memories is beneficial

Date: 18th January 2022

As time passes, the vibrancy and clarity of our memories will often decrease. This is due to the volume of information that our long-term memory is storing over time. Our previous blog, outlining how memory works, will give you some insight into how we retain information and how it is stored. 

Reflection on our past experiences and life events has many benefits, like self-growth and self-awareness, but it also involves exercises and strengthens our memory processes. In reality, we don't have a TV crew following us to keep track of our significant moments, and not everybody has a blog or diary that chronicles our daily activities. We do, however, have the power to record and save such memories in unique ways.  

That’s our specialty at My Story Told, providing you with a personal keepsake, a compilation of the important and significant snippets of your life. We are your storytelling companion who is with you every step of the journey, ensuring that you tell your story, your way. 

When you begin to document your life with stories, you begin to piece together the parts of your life that bring you joy as well as the moments that you learned from, and it helps you to understand who you are as a whole.

This process allows us to be open and honest, and it is in sharing this truth that you will find freedom. Things always look different when looking back, and we want to take you on that journey of sharing your experiences and preserving your legacy for future generations. 

Here are the key benefits of documenting your story: 

1. Recognising your achievements 

Outlining your achievements will give you a genuine sense of pride as you look back on your life. Achievements, regardless of their size or significance, are all equally as important to document, because they are your achievements. This story is about you. We all have our magnum opus, our masterpiece, the one moment of brilliance, but we also care about all the little things that led to that.  

2. Sharing your most important life lessons 

Life is not always plain sailing, and along the way, we have all faced adversity and failure. These memories, and the life lessons that emerge from them, are significant in helping you understand what was involved to get you to where you are today, and that information can be helpful to others.  

3. Invoke feelings of gratitude 

Documenting your life will enable you to be grateful for the highs and the lows, too. When we reflect on events and memories, we have the freedom to express how they made us feel. We have the freedom to say, 'this was difficult,' or 'this was the best day of my life’.   

Feelings of gratitude are said to have positive health benefits that include improved sleep, increased feelings of happiness and positive mood, and a reduction of stress.  

4. Preserving your story for future generations 

You may wish to share your expertise and knowledge from your working life, and your book may be used to educate those within the same industry. Some of our customers create a family heirloom, a keepsake for their family that transcends a lifetime. 

What better way for you to be remembered than your story being told exactly how it was from your perspective.

At My Story Told, we’re eager to learn about your story and share it with family, friends or colleagues. Whether you want to share your expertise or a life-changing event, get in touch so we can help you preserve your memories for generations to come.