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Things to avoid when writing an autobiography

Things to avoid when writing an autobiography

Date: 6th December 2021

Presenting your life story in a way that will intrigue readers to continue on with your book is one of the biggest challenges when writing an autobiography. Here we take a look at things to avoid, and how our writing experts at My Story Told can help you with your storytelling journey.

No planning

Extensive planning is important when telling your story as it means that you leave no stone unturned, include the best details and it allows you to chronologically piece together how your story will unfold.

Outlining your story using a timeline is recommended for autobiographical writing as it involves real events. Collating the best events in chronological order will give readers a better understanding of where the story is going.

At My Story Told, we will undertake interviews to take the hassle of planning away from you and ensure that you are including the most suitable details. Take a look at our blog on planning an autobiography, which identifies how to approach your preparations.

Overdoing the family history

Unless the details are vital to your story, keep your family history concise and relevant. A common mistake is to overdo the background elements of your story, so briefly outlining this section of your life is key so you can concentrate on the narrative elements of your story.


Though your autobiography is from your own perspective, you have to be careful about mentioning others whether that is previous employers, partners or friends. Your book must not be used as a platform to insult or embarrass anyone.

Poor writing quality

This mistake can be avoided by choosing My Story Told for your autobiography. This ensures that you will have great quality writing that you can be proud to share with family, friends and colleagues. With over 20 years of journalistic experience under our belts, our writers have covered a plethora of topics.

At My Story Told, we’re eager to learn about your story and share it with family, friends and colleagues. Whether you want to share your expertise or a life-changing event, get in touch so we can help you preserve your legacy for generations to come.