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How to create a lasting legacy for future generations

How to create a lasting legacy for future generations

Date: 26th March 2021

When thinking of creating a lasting legacy in printed form, the famous – and infamous – usually spring to mind, however, it isn’t just the reserve of the rich and famous, everyone can create this kind of legacy.

Your life has so much meaning to those around you, so why not create a unique way for them to remember you – a personal memoir that can be passed down and enjoyed for generations to come?

Your legacy doesn’t have to just be for your children or grandchildren but for many more generations. Just as you may be interested in your ancestors, future generations would be interested in you too.

We all know you can leave material possessions to your heirs, but here are 4 more interesting ways to create a legacy that leaves more of your personality behind than any amount of material wealth and trinkets ever could:


  1. Stories about you

You know yourself best, your legacy is best created when you talk about your life story and your life experiences. Your stories could help to impart some wisdom to your family that you may not have given – yet.


  1. Introduce family traditions

Consider introducing and documenting family traditions so that they can endure throughout the generations to come. By making a note of the traditions you and your family keep, will give lots of information about you and your family to future generations, and hopefully, it’ll keep those traditions alive. These can be things you have only introduced in recent years or traditions you used to do as a child.


  1. Photos

Provide photos, they’ll hold so many stories. As the saying goes: a picture says a thousand words. They can be photos of you, your family and friends. They can show where you’ve been and what you’ve done!


  1. Family tree

Doing the research for a family tree can be challenging but very interesting and hugely rewarding. Creating a family tree will show your extended family how everyone is connected to each other. It could help in the future when younger generations are looking at their ancestors and tracing different branches of the family that they may have lost touch with.


At My Story Told, we can help you create a lasting legacy as all these aspects can be included within the book we help you to write and produce. The copies of your book can be given to those close to you, and then handed down through the generations.