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An anecdote to lockdown – 5 ways to preserve memories that matter

An anecdote to lockdown – 5 ways to preserve memories that matter

Date: 11th February 2021

The events of the past year may have reminded many of us just how fragile life can be – how quickly life as we know it can change for us and those around us.

It has also reminded us of the importance of spending time with those we love. That has been a shining light amid the darkness of 2020: many of us have rediscovered simple pleasures of spending time with family, cooking, eating, playing, exercising together, sharing anecdotes.

With many of us still in lockdown, now is the perfect time to take that experience a step further and embrace our families, our memories, our histories – to take a trip down memory lane.

With many of us still with time on our hands, here are five top tips on how to preserve precious memories, rekindle the past and ensure your life experiences are not wasted. Who knows, you might want to then take a step further and start your own biography.

Back up your photographs

While your attic may still be home to fading photo albums, for many of us visual memories from recent years will only exist in a digital format. While this is an incredibly efficient and flexible way of storing memories, these files are also at risk of corruption, deletion or simply getting lost. Use some of your free time at the moment to track down these files, order them and back them up. Use external drives such as Google Photos, iCloud or even on a portable hard-drive disk. This technology can help protect memories forever and also allow you to organise the photos into albums that you can sort by date, person or event.

Get creative with memories

With the never-ending lockdowns, what better way to productively spend your time than tuning into your creative side? Start with memorabilia such as an old concert, transport and landmark tickets from previous trips and pair them with the relevant photographs.

These can be displayed in all sorts of creative ways including on large canvases and be displayed in your home. They can make a great centrepiece and is a great way to get visitors talking and reminiscing on events they may have forgotten.

Start a notebook (or digital note) of funny moments

With the average adult laughing up to 17 times a day, inevitably, we won’t remember every giggle. Just start noting down moments that made you smile – as well as happy moments from the past you still reflect on. By documenting funny phrases or events we can go back and laugh again when feeling down or when missing someone. This is also a great way to document changes in children’s personalities and behaviours as they grow up – a great antidote to grumpy teenage years!


As cliché as this tip sounds, it is the most simplistic and sentimental way to store memories. Scrapbooking means everything can be in one place: pictures, memorabilia, short stories – and anything else.

You can organise them annually or by an event – there is no right or wrong. This is a great way of ensuring memories from specific moments in your like university or a special holiday don’t get forgotten, or grouped together as life moves forward. The books can be passed through generations and even be given as gifts.

Become a movie maker

Producing a short video that brings all your clips together from that year is a great way to store memories. This can be done easily on your smartphone, Apples built-in ‘iMovie’ even allows you to add voiceovers and background music. Another way to do this is through the free 1SE app, which lets you record a second of footage a day and pieces it all together at the end of the year. The great thing about this app is it allows you to go back and add to it if you’ve forgotten or not been up to much!